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Dream Bigger and Achieve more with Cayman Youth Inc!

Dream Bigger and Achieve more with Cayman Youth Inc!

Dream Bigger and Achieve more with Cayman Youth Inc!Dream Bigger and Achieve more with Cayman Youth Inc!Dream Bigger and Achieve more with Cayman Youth Inc!

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About Us

Who are we!


Cayman Youth Inc is a non-profit youth agency in the Cayman Islands, dedicated to seeing the lives of youth that are disenfranchised changed; through a number of empowering and holistic programs. Over the past five years, we have worked with young girls and boys of various ages in area high schools through empowerment programs namely Gems Girls club for junior high girls and a primary level program for boys. 

It has always been our mission to, empower the youth of Cayman and to be a resource for schools, communities, churches and other agencies that will welcome the information and skills we offer through our programs, workshops, seminars and partnerships. 

What we're all about



To see Caymanian youth become empowered leaders by developing personal acumen skills in time management, social dexterity, ethics and public decorum.


To empower youth through our 4 step program, engagement in community development and support by having positive values through one on one mentorship.


All youth and young people deserve a quality of life, full of opportunities for spiritual, social, holistic and financial enrichment. We value our youth, and desire to enrich their values, one talented mind at a time.

Support Cayman Youth Inc!


Cayman Youth Inc through it's programs, is committed to empowering the young people of the Cayman Islands, through a number of beneficial initiatives encouraging them to say YES to life. Will you help us change minds and hearts? 

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Featured Program

Youth Empowered for Success

Youth Empowered for Success is a much needed program within the Cayman Islands. We help disenfranchised youth find their passion and move toward their destiny. Everyone has the ability to succeed within them, we help you find it!

YES is looking for a few good young men and women!

Say YES to Real Life!

Youth Empowered for Success (YES) is a prevention empowerment and turnaround program dedicated to helping young man and women between the ages of 17 and 21 achieve their full potential, optimize their power for success and run into that destiny with vision and hope. The (YES) program is a 6 month step up program that will transform the lives of those who participate. It will be facilitated by some of the Caribbean’s brightest minds through video conferences and local seminars. The initial 6 month pilot program, is dedicated to young men 17-21years of age.

For years, we have seen the block of teens and young people between the ages of 17-21 years, go through a ‘hit or miss’ stage of life. We created this program to help take the guess work out for this group of important members of society who are in need of our help. Over the next 6 months, we along with some very talented presenters will help this group transform and say YES to Life!

Email us to for more information and to get started. or


What will “YES” do for you?



YES! we make you UNCOMFORTABLE  with your Present Self

YES! we Help Youth Build VISION and FOCUS

YES! You Develop Passion for SUCCESS 

YES! we help Youth Develop SELF CONFIDENCE 

Match You with a Mentor YES!

WE GET YOU Job & Career Ready...YES!

Join the YES Generation!

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